About Us

Panels WA is an innovative company borne through decades of extensive industry experience.  It is the frustration of both builders and buyers alike that has driven this group to design futuristic, eco-friendly residential and commercial panel systems that answers many needs. Panels WA constantly strive to develop eco-friendly building systems that satisfy both builder profitability and customer satisfaction.


residential and commercial panel systems

Confidence and Peace of Mind

We are a Western Australian owned company based in Malaga. Staffed by a group of specialists from across the construction industry, the knowledge base behind our products is extensive and reliable. Unlike other companies who may just provide a product, we supervise the installation and quality control of all our systems. We provide advice and support to builders and trades alike to ensure you always get the best from our product.

Having broad experience in construction across Western Australia, we are able to offer solutions to cyclone and wind rated areas. Our systems adhere to AS/NZS 1170.2 and AS 4055.

With the backing of major suppliers, our residential polyurethane panel systems are industry tested to ensure structural integrity, thermal quality, and acoustic value.

Our engineered and patented floor system and steels/lintels allow for a cost effective lightweight choice that offers superior strength to similar products.  Why pay for expensive earthworks when there is another option.

All our products allow for the finish of your choice. Your house or project is as individual as you are.

We offer solutions to all your needs, including:

  • Home renovations
  • Granny flats
  • Single and multi-story residential homes
  • Commercial developments including business or residential projects

residential and commercial panel systemst